Pool Safety

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Safety:The depth of the pool is approximately 5 feet. It is not deep enough to dive in and you may be seriously injured! Always pay attention to small children and partying adults, and please do not allow anyone to run around the pool areas or decks - someone could slip and fall. Also note that once wet, the tiles inside the villa can become very slippery. Always be cautious and please no running.

Pool Water:Our pool uses a Salt System which converts the Salt to Chlorine. There is no corrosive and explosive Chlorine to deal with. The water is much more comfortable, does not have a chlorine smell, is gentle on the skin, and tends to eliminate dry and itchy skin. You may notice that the water has a slightly salty taste.

Pool Maintenance:A complete pool cleaning and servicing is generally done before your arrival. There should be a pool net on the pool deck or in the pool shed which you can use for stray leaves. If any service persons should appear at your villa during your stay, it is always your choice not to let them in if it interferes with your day, and we can generally ask them to return at another time.

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