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Favorite moments included our daughters wedding on Hawknest Beach. We enjoyed snorkeling, relaxing and listening to the sounds outside of Beach Music. The name of the villa is so appropriate. We loved sharing your home and we now have new family memories. This was a very special time for us.

We had good snorkeling but what we liked most was the house. Beach Music is a wonderful place to unwind. Watch for the iguanas by the pool! Thank you for sharing Beach Music! We loved the spaciousness and tranquility and the views! It was great for our family with 2 teenagers and would be perfect to share with another family, given the upstairs/downstairs design. We had a fairly constant breeze, a few hard rains and no bugs. A wonderful week of downtime- oops- island time!

It was great having this place (Beach Music) to come back to each day.

This is a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Beach Music was awesome!! We loved it! Very peaceful, great place to relax.

The house is beautiful and comfortable with gorgeous views. So easy to get into the island spirit here. We cant thank you enough.

From the moment we got to your beautiful home, this vacation was perfect! Your home was so inviting to lounge around, entertain, and it was so homey and the views are AMAZING!" Thank you for allowing us to stay at this beautiful home. We will be back soon!

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